Public Affairs and Strategies for social initiatives


Flavio Masitas was born in Lima, Peru and has been living in Europe for two decades. Started his career in journalism writing for national newspapers and has a long experience in Media Relations, Government and Political Communication. Also has created strategies for NGOs and Social organizations.

On the other side, has a long experience on ICT in part as a dedicated journalist to the tech sector and also designing solutions based in ICT for organizations.

Between 1993-96 wrote about digital innovation including early Virtual Reality, AR, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Video, etc. In the early 2000´s was writing about digital inclusion and social changes in LATAM. Some of those articles has been mentioned in academic researches about development and ICT in LATAM. He has practical and theorical experience using IT to solve organizational issues and a particular approach oriented to use technology as a tool to fueling social justice and help communities, organizations and social iniciatives.

Actually is working in two books near to be published. The first one (fiction) is a collection of short stories. The other, is an easy to read essay. A historical review about innovation, technology and their social effects in the last 2500 years.